May Photo Contest Results: Keep On Smilin’

Three big smiles in the British Virgin Islands helped community member Middy win CW's May photo contest.

Here’s a hint for aspiring CW photo contest champions: the judges like people. They like smiling people even better. Exotic locales are great, but slap a few smiling faces in front of that tropical paradise and you’ve got a formula for victory. The photo “British Virgin Islands,” submitted to our May contest by community member Middy, has the winning combination of smiles, sunshine, and, of course, sailing. This photo so impressed the judges with its sheer exuberance, they didn’t seem to mind that it is slightly overexposed. In the photo, an enraptured girl beams a smile right at the camera. In the background, a pair of women wear smiles just as joyful. Combine these happy expressions with a few sheets and halyards, a mast and boom, choppy blue water, and several degrees of heel, and you’ve got yourself one magical day at sea.

This month’s judges included editor John Burnham, assistant editor Kitty Martin, web assistant Marianne Groszko, designer Elizabeth Wishe, and online producer Pete Matchett.

Congratulations to this month’s winners, and keep the photos coming!


(Click each image to view at full size)

First Place

Contributor: Middy
Title: “British Virgin Islands”


Middy’s Description: “Women and children only! An all-girl cruise in the B.V.I. through the Moorings–nothing could be better.”

Judge’s Comments: “My favorite is the ladies having fun in the B.V.I. Sorry, boys, but no one knows how to have fun better than girls do! The photo tells a lot with just the facial expressions. Sometimes that’s really hard to to photograph. You have to be looking at all times to get those moments.” – Marianne Groszko

Second Place


Contributor: stationr
Title: “Foggy Morning on the TennTom”

stationr’s Description: “Annie coils the lines from rafting up with s/v Living Well as we continue our journey down the Tombigbee River on a foggy morning, bound for the Gulf and Caribbean.”

Judge’s Comments:
“This photo has a beautifully framed silhouette and a wonderful quality of light.” -John Burnham


“This one has a quiet stillness about it. I like how the subject’s head is silhouetted in the scene. It just works.” -Elizabeth Wishe

“The light, the mist, and the texture all make this a great photo. I especially like the body language of the person on the bow. ” -Kitty Martin

Third Place

Contributor: dadelo
Title: “Trampoline Flying”

dadelo’s Description: “Enjoying the swells on the trampoline”

Judge’s Comments: “Great action shot of kids loving the wind under sail” -John Burnham

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