More Roger Henry Favorites in Vanuatu

Other services used by the Roger Henry Crew during their stay at Vanuatu. Continued from our February 2009 issue

January 22, 2009

Offering comprehensive services in an efficient and friendly style:

Yachting World (, in Port-Vila, on Éfate, has become the hub of the Vanuatu cruising scene.

The Beach Front Resort ([email protected]), on the island of Espiritu Santo, is a casual but welcoming resort that offers sailors a safe dinghy landing, a bar, a restaurant, a laundry, and fresh water. No moorings are available, but there’s good holding in fairly protected waters.


Aore Island Resort ([email protected]) is on tiny Aore island, just south of Espiritu Santo. This idyllic resort is yacht friendly, offering safe moorings, town ferries, water, rubbish disposal, laundry, phones, Internet, mail-drop service, a swimming pool, and a fine restaurant/bar. It’s a welcome oasis for the road-weary traveler.

Oyster Island Resort ([email protected]) is a rustic resort on a minuscule islet on the southeast coast of Espiritu Santo arguably endowed with Vanuatu’s only true cyclone hole. Jean-Pierre and Anna Rodot are both five-star chefs who offer world-class fine dining in a remote setting. They can arrange permission to visit the jungle-river blue hole nearby.

At Sola Yacht Club (P.O. Box 02, Sola, Vanua Lava, Vanuatu; +678-38556 and +678-38823), owners Robert and Sarah Sam are trying to lure more yachts to the beautiful Torba province, the northernmost in the nation, with promises of fresh water, rubbish disposal, petrol, diesel, fresh baked bread, cold beer, traditional meals, and cultural and jungle tours. Because Sola is the northernmost port of entry in Vanuatu, Solomon-Islands bound yachts are required to stop there. The fledgling facilities at the pleasant village on a well protected bay are simple yet pretty and pleasant.


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