October 2008



Skirting the Sands of Sable
Centuries-old sediments and the forces of nature wrap this island in a delicate equilibrium
by Myron Arms

Inward Bound
Change comes to Outward Bound, its sailing program, and its boats
by Steve Callahan


World Cruising, One Country at a Time
CW’s Adventure Charters program turns 20 and celebrates with new flotillas
by Bernadette Bernon

You Can Go Home Again
In French Polynesia, a family story and a famed sailing odyssey come full circle
by Tania Aebi

Rhapsody in Blu
Yacht Style: A boatbuilding legacy is revived with Elysium, a Cherubini 44 Mark II
by Tim Murphy



The Chesapeake schooner Woodwind, anchor dancing, Annapolis seminars, good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

On Watch
As it is ashore, death at sea is part of life
By Cap’n Fatty Goodlander


Short Story
Just when you think that nothing ever seems to change, everything does
By Melanie Neale

Under Way
They’ve braved Florida snows for a trip south to the sun
by Brian Barone

The Sailing Life


Passage Notes
These sailors find enduring allure in the U.S. virgin Islands
by Herb McCormick

Makeovers and Refits
Worn saloon cushions on an Etap 35i get a radical color upgrade
By Bernadette Bernon

People and Food
When it’s time to weigh anchor, this cruiser soaks the beans
by Ann Sutphen

Osprey’s Flight
The lens of transition can be painful to peer through
by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Tuning your radar
Systems: Use manual settings to dial in a clearer picture when the visibility’s low
by Ed Sherman

Eight Ways to Make Cruising Easier
Seamanship: Learn as muhc from the missteps as you do from the smart moves of others
by Beth A. Leonard

A Proper Layup Means an Easier Departure
Projects: Button things up right for a faster start when you return
By Jimmy Cornell

Play It Safe with Gas on Board
Monthly Maintenance: Careful inspection and separate storage are key
by Steve D’Antonio

The Timber Hitch
CW Hands-On-Tip: Used to tie reef lines to the boom, this knot won’t jam
By Andrew Burton

Castles in the Air
Backyard Warrior: A sturdily built cutter is one thing, but an overbuilt one is just silly
By Ben Zartman


Fall Boat-Show Preview
Builders debut the newest production models
by Jeremy McGeary

Transatlantic Personal-Gear Test
Gear Review: White Knight’s delivery crew challenged this equipment for 4,600 miles
by Anderw Burton


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