Yacht Clubs Open to Cruisers

Not a member? Not a problem!

After a stormy 40-hour slog from Annapolis, Maryland, the arrival of dense fog in Massachusetts Bay was the last straw. Rounding Gloucester harbor’s breakwater and desperate for rest and comfort, we spied the imposing Eastern Point Yacht Club. Not members there or anywhere, we wondered if they’d take pity on us and let us pick up a mooring.

They did. And so we discovered that, beyond the reciprocity offered by many yacht clubs to members of others, some welcome cruisers who belong nowhere but on the water. We soon found ourselves on a secure mooring with launch service to a historic clubhouse replete with amenities such as bar, library, pool and laundry. We donned our least wrinkled clothes, hailed the launch, and began temporary lives as yacht club members. We knew it wasn’t forever, but we were prepared to enjoy it for now.

Welcoming Destinations

Here’s a sampling of yacht clubs that offer transient moorings. Fees range from $25 to $50 per night. Some are first come, first served; others accept reservations. If you’re passing by a club not listed here, give a call. They just might fit you in.

This article first appeared in the February 2014 issue of Cruising World.

Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester

Eastern Point Yacht Club, Gloucester

Jim Looney