A Different Cure for Seasickness

Real Food Solutions has developed a new all natural way to fight sea sickness

Coping with seasickness usually boils down to two choices—letting nature take its course or taking something that leaves you drowsy. Either way, you'll be of little use to the rest of the crew until it passes. Enter the Anchor Nutrition Bar, a nausea-relief power bar that treats seasickness with all natural ingredients. Originally formulated for morning sickness, the bar contains whey crisps, whey protein isolate, blueberries, fiber syrup, almond butter, brown rice syrup, vanilla extract, sea salt and ginger. Real Food Solutions, a Boston company that was formed in the spring of 2015 and produces the Anchor Nutrition Bar, initially tested the product on two whale watches, where they had a 72% efficacy rate. Best ingested 15-30 minutes in advance, a single bar will provide relief from seasickness for three to four hours. The bars have a light blueberry taste and retail for $3.99/bar, with quantity discounts available. For more information and product ordering, go to anchornutri.com