Eileen Quinn

Sailor and songwriter offering "Music for the Nautically Afflicted"


Eileen Quinn is a sailor, songwriter, and recording artist. With over 40,000 sea miles and 12 years of full-time cruising under her keel, Eileen is well qualified to sing about the ups and downs of the boating life.

Eileen writes songs about the really important but neglected aspects of cruising: how anchoring leads to marital breakdown; why weather forecasters shouldn’t be trusted; what it is about comfortable harbors that seems to scuttle any plans to leave.

Eileen has performed everywhere from local beach bars to national boating associations, boat shows, and international regattas throughout North America and the Caribbean. She often gives seminars that combine her music with frank advice about the realities of bluewater cruising.


Eileen has released five CDs: No Significant Features, Degrees Of Deviation, Mean Low Water, Not To Be Used For Navigation, and Miss Inclined. Eileen’s music has earned high praise in the sailing press and a place of honor on the shelves of almost every boater who has heard her perform. Cruising World describes her work as “fresh and funny, always inventive”.

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