Engine Tip No. 1: Use the Boat!

Take it from these guys: Get off the dock.

List Marine

Staff at List Marine Enterprises in Sausalito, California, call it quits after a day of solving the usual long list of mechanical and engine woes.Elaine Lembo

After a full day of making new friends along the lively waterfront of Sausalito, California, I noticed things were winding down. I glanced at my watch. Indeed, it was beer-thirty. When I reached the wide-open garage door at Yanmar dealer List Marine, they'd clearly called it a day.

Business owner Hans List and fellow worker Bill Burdette were relaxing with green bottles of Vitamin B. Every local cruiser and liveaboard I’d met that day swears by List and its workers for their breadth of expertise. “We do everything mechanical,” Hans told me. “Generators, engines, and all associated systems.”

I asked: What is the one thing sailors can do to spare themselves headaches?

“Use the boat,” Bill answered. “Use the boat.”

Short, sweet, and makes sense.