Fall Gear Finds

Gear up for Fall with our top picks for essential onboard products.


August 24, 2017
Weego Jump Starter Courtesy of the Manufacturer

This little jump-starter might just end up being the most useful thing on your boat. Not only can it jump-start your diesel engine (up to 3.2 liters) and your car (up to 6.4 liters), but it can also charge your small electronics.

It has a built-in flashlight and 12-volt port, rugged design, and special “Smarty Clamps” that make jump-starting a foolproof process.


eartec ultralite
Eartec Ultralite Courtesy of the Manufacturer

When the wind is up and stress levels are high, it can be tough for the helmsman to hear commands from the person raising sails or dropping the anchor. Enter EartecUltraLite wireless headsets. These rechargeable units feature simultaneous two-way voice communications for hands-free operation.


casio g-shock
Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Casio

The newest in the line of GulfmasterG-Shock watches, model GWNQ1000-1A, features Quad Sensor technology that incorporates sensors for water depth, temperature and atmospheric pressure, and a magnetic sensor for compass readings to allow the wearer to assess changing ocean conditions in real time.

  • $850 •*
mustang survival
Mustang Survival Ep6.5 Jacket Mustang

This jacket is part of a new line of gear from Mustang Survival that also includes gloves, bags and drysuits.

Military-grade fabrics, Cordura reinforcements and a Gore-Tex high-visibility hood make this a garment that will stand up to abuse and still perform.

$1,200 •

Forespar Purewater+ Forespar

Want better-tasting water from your boat’s tanks? This new, compact water-filtration system features a quick-connect design that lets users change filters from the countertop — no crawling in lockers required. The PureWater+ comes with a chrome faucet, hardware and a 0.5-micron carbon-block filter.

$190 •


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