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From our February 2007 issue

Boldly sailing where few others have, the scoop on shrink-wrap, waterfront access meeting, in praise of Hugh Merewether, good DVDs, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

The Fantasy and the Reality of Palmerston
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Peculiar Palmerston Island leaves the crew of Wild Card in an altered state– but not for long

I Love Ericsons
Short Story by Melanie Neale
Why do some guys look better on an old Ericson?


Let’s Make a Deal
Under Way by Jeff Williams
In the islands of Comoros, off Africa, quibbling over semantics takes on international significance

Yay! for the Yasawas
Passage Notes by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Ever heard of the Yasawas? Cruisers who love this Fijian archipelago hope not

Storms and Roses
People & Food by Lynda Morris Childress
The crew finds refuge from a storm-ridden delivery in Greece with a national favorite: spetsofai, a spicy stew


The Write Stuff
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
Writing’s retrospective power– to construct events after they occur– works for cruisers, too


The Tug of the Tiare
A sojourn among French Polynesia’s Society Islands gives a lifelong cruiser some perspective on her “name place”
by Tere Batham


From Go to Whoa
From start to finish, Australia’s Whitsundays– with 74 islands and 120 anchorages– is a great destination for chartering and cruising
by Herb McCormick

Island Ties That Bind
A voyaging family savors a return to Tonga for the memories, the scenery, and a special birthday party
by Scott Bannerot

Stamping Passports with Distinction
From stainless-steel deck fittings to immaculate joinery, the details that builder Thom Wagner puts into the Passport Vista 485 distinguish it from other production boats
by Jeremy McGeary



A Makeover Gone Bananas
Refit by David W. Shaw
A new life for a Whitby 42

How to Sleep Better Offshore, and Why It’s No Luxury
Seamanship by Lin Pardey
Be sure the crew gets rest at sea

Plugging in Across the Pond
Systems by Joe Minick
Different electrical voltage and wiring await European-bound North American sailors

Transforming an Outdated Interior
Projects by Phillip Reid
A DIY’er renovates a venerable cruiser

Cool Running
Monthly Maintenance by Steve D’Antonio
Without the rapid turns of a little rubber wheel called the impeller, your engine would be toast


A Deck Saloon to Raise Some Eyebrows
Boat Review by Andrew Burton
Jeanneau has come out with a new 39-footer that can be styled for cruising or geared for speed

A Room with a View
Boat Review by Jeremy McGeary
The Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 41 is a window on the water

Visions of Sailing
Boat Review by Mark Pillsbury
Bavaria’s new Vision series brings deck-saloon styling to its product line

Replacing the Heart of Your Electrical System
Batteries by Ed Sherman
New technologies offer powerful choices

Piloting, Plotting, and More
New Products by Andrew Burton
Bowditch and then some on a disk, clothing for the elements, and more


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