App of the Month: What's On My Boat?

With this app for the iPhone and iPad you can organize and keep track of the gear and goodies you have on board.

What's On My Boat app

If you've ever spent time with your head down in a locker, digging around in the darkness for something that you just know is there (hopefully), then you will appreciate this new app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. What's On My Boat has one purpose- to help you list and keep track of all of the stuff you stuff aboard. Spare parts, canned goods, whatever. To use it, you simply enter the item, and then you can add a photo, a location, a category, a list, and a note. And since the info is easy to take with you, you'll know exactly what you need when you hit up the chandlery. The goal? To spend more time sailing and less time looking for stuff.

$1.99, available from the iTunes App Store