Boat in a Bag

This multifunctional toy holds all kinds of possibilities for the playful cruiser. New Products from our September 2009 issue

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Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

Just when you think you've seen it all, someone designs and builds a portable sailboat that's small enough to throw on the back of a motor scooter (or in a shallow cockpit locker). The aptly called Multisport is an inflatable "watercraft" that's touted to be a functional sailboat, windsurfer, and kayak, and there's even reports of happy, smiling people being towed behind a dinghy on one. It's portable-deflated, it fits is a small tote bag-and relatively inexpensive. Such a vessel is more toy than boat and will never become as critical as your dinghy or autopilot, but the crew will probably love it. Imagine pulling into a harbor with the kids in the early afternoon and setting them loose with a Multisport. They could play (sail, windsurf, paddle-whatever) happily around the boat, and thanks to its inflatable "hull," there's no need to worry about possible gelcoat dings. You could even trail it off the back of the boat at anchor, turning it into an inflatable sun deck.
$500, (509) 493-4938,