Extreme Power

Batteries for your boat, windlasses, knotless knots, and more. New Products from our March 2010 issue

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Duracell Extreme Power Marine Batteries.|

Power Up with CopperTops
Duracell’s new Extreme Power marine batteries show that a company that’s known for powering the kids’ toys can provide the juice for big-boy toys as well. This new line of absorbed glass mat batteries are designed to power through anything an offshore passage can dish out. Like all A.G.M. batteries, Duracell’s new marine batteries use microfiber glass mats that absorb and store battery acid to prevent spilling or leakage. This technology isn’t new, but getting house power from a Duracell CopperTop sure is.
$180-$200, (800) 551-2355,

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Stafford SlipKnot|


Take the Tying out of Knots
Does tying knots on your boat put you in a twist? Well, according to Stafford Innovations, tying knots isn’t the only way to secure a line. The SlipKnot locks securely onto single or multiple lines and can provide an easy way to hang fenders, make a high-visibility marker, create a stopper, or to “lock” two ropes together. However you use it, the SlipKnot is designed to be easy to install, easy to lock and unlock, and easy to move around.
$10, (978) 657-8000,

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Maxwell Wave Windlass| Maxwell Wave Windlass
The new RC6 and RC8 windlasses from Maxwell offer maximum rode flexibility by employing Maxwell’s patented Wave Design rope/chain wheel to improve control of a rope-to-chain spliced rode. The outer ribs of the chainwheel are angled slightly forward to ensure that the rope and the chain are smoothly guided into the wheel during anchor retrieval. As the rope pulls into the wheel, the opposite-facing inner ribs grip the rope in an undulating manner, securing the rope more firmly in a “wave pattern” action that’s reportedly superior to the traditional jam-cleat technique.
From $1,110, (410) 712-0740,

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Samson Innegra-S rope technology. |


Hold the Line
Samson’s new Innegra-S rope technology has reportedly been developed to bridge the gap between such traditional synthetic fiber as nylon and polyester and the high-performance synthetic fibers, such as high modulus polyethylene, liquid crystal polymer, and the aramids used in rope production today. MLX is the first product available incorporating Innegra-S; it’s intended for sailors who want to upgrade from traditional synthetic fibers but don’t require the performance characteristics of high-performance synthetic fibers.
Contact Samson for
pricing information;
(360) 384-4669,

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Vizini Shades|

Vizini Shades
There are shades. And then there’s “shade.” If you’re looking for the total protection that’s possible when all the sun’s rays are blocked, but a baseball hat, a Tilley hat, or a straw boater or a golf visor are all a bit to cumbersome, adding a Vizini Shade to your sunglasses may deliver the best of both worlds: superior sun protection and a touch of style.
$10, (540) 908-4246,


Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Fire! Blanket|

Fire! Blanket
Quick-there’s a fire in the galley! What do you do? Your first impulse may be to pour water on it, but if it’s a grease fire, that could only make matters worse. Your next move may be to grab the fire extinguisher. That’ll put the fire out, but it’ll leave quite a mess. But if you had a Fire’s Out! fire-suppression blanket mounted close to the galley, all you’d need to do is simply pull down the tabs, remove the blanket, and calmly place the blanket over the fire. This extinguishes the fire by starving it of oxygen, and the blanket won’t need the regular servicing that a fire extinguisher requires.
$35, (863) 353-6874,

Courtesy of the Manufacturers| |Brinno Time-lapse Camera with the Kayapod mount|


Say Cheese
There’s a never-ending stream of cameras that will digitally capture the fun you have on the boat. Take the Brinno time-lapse camera with the Kayapod mount, for instance. The mount puts the camera where the action is, and the camera takes a series of time-lapse photos. Voila, a time-lapse movie of your trip. You may say, “I’ve got a video camera for that.” But the cool thing about this rig is that it quickly and easily converts hours of onboard action into a short, interesting video.
Brinno GardenWatchCam: $140, (772) 924-0034,
Kayapod KLP-2000 Camera Mount: $25, (617) 338-2222,