Gear Review: Heated Insoles

Cold feet on the night watch? Not any longer! These heated insoles will keep you toasty.

New product: heated insoles

If you really want to improve your stamina during night watch on a delivery south, consider ditching your disposable air-activated packets for ThermaCell rechargeable heated insoles. Operated via a remote wireless device, these thermostatically controlled footpads maintain a steady temperature so that your feet don't get unbearably hot and sweat. Choose from high (111 F), medium (101 F), and no heat settings for up to five hours of comfort. The lithium-ion polymer batteries in each sole are good for more than 500 uses. Best of all, these water-resistant insoles are portable from shoe to boot and back. Available in women's sizes from 4.5 and men's sizes up to 13. $130