Giatex Bicycles: Expand Your Two-Wheeled Possibilities

Giatex Bicycles' adjustable frame bicycle accommodates riders big and small.

What's the difference between Giatex Bicycles Inc., and other "folding" bicycles? Giatex bikes don't just fold-they stretch and contract. Giatex's stretch system is a first, and according to the company, its unique design makes these bikes much sturdier than your basic folding bike.

All Giatex bicycles stretch in three directions. A long stem slides through the frame, which brings the front and back wheels either closer or further apart, and the handlebars and seat can be raised or lowered by stretching or contracting. The bikes are light and easy to compress. The best part is: No tools are required.

Giatex's bicycle lineup recently got longer with the addition of two new models-the CHIBA alloy frame and the BICI steel frame. The BICI is designed for leisure and touring portability, exactly what you want when exploring various islands. The CHIBA is made with lighter, rust-resistant alloy materials, which makes it an ideal choice for cruisers.

Giatex's stretching frame lets just about anyone use the same bicycle, thereby eliminating the need to have an individual bike for each person onboard.
Giatex makes bikes with either 16- or 20-inch wheel frames that range in price from $299.95 to $569.95. Contact Giatex Bicycles Inc. at www.giatexbikes .