Matt Chem: Clean and Green

Matt Chem’s hull shampoo works like a charm.

Hull Cleaner

Courtesy of Matt Chem Marine

Ok, confession time: I’m lazy, so when it comes time to clean up the sailboat, I sit up and take notice of anything you can rub off, rinse off, and the job’s done. And it’s even better if someone else does the rubbing. This past spring, it was my wife, who, sponge in hand, declared Matt Chem’s Concentrated Shampoo for Hull and Deck made short work of removing the winter’s grime that had somehow made it through our shrink wrap cover.

Matt Chem manufactures a lengthy line of biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products. And while I—OK my wife—can't vouch for them all, the bottle of hull cleaner has definitely found a home in our bucket of onboard supplies.