Midwinter Mission: Patching My Mistakes

The Little Wing kayaks are built for editorial abuse.

kayaking the Falklands

Moments after snapping this Falkland Islands lighthouse, I suffered my worst grounding on my voyage Around the Americas...on my kayak!Herb Mccormick

Let's just say I took my eye off the ball for a moment. It was a little over a year ago on my voyage Around the Americas aboard the 64-foot cutter Ocean Watch, a story that's been well chronicled in this blog and in the pages of Cruising World. But I haven't told many people this particular tale…until now.

In any event, I became so enamored by my Little Wing 14, which I paddled almost every time we made an extended stop on our circumnavigation of the Americas—for details on the company and their line of boats, visit their website (www.warrenlightcraft.com)—that last October, at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, I purchased my very used 14-footer from the Warrens, and then came clean about some of the, ahem, misadventures to which I’d subjected it on many an icy, rocky shore.

And when I showed Zac what had happened in the Falklands, he did raise an eyebrow—I think it was meant for me, not the boat—but he was equally nonplussed. “The foam core is the key,” he said. “It’s very flexible. You wouldn’t have wanted to do that in a fiberglass kayak. It’s good to see one of our boats that has been used this hard. It makes us confident of our construction.”