New Twist: Ice-Cube Trays That Don’t Spill

This ice tray fits in a boat's freezer, doesn't spill, and doesn't absorb odors.

ice tray

Michael Robertson

Aboard Del Viento, our Fuji 40, the icebox is refrigerated using an old 12-volt Adler Barbour Cold Machine. For a long time, we've been frustrated trying to make ice within the small cubic space bound by the vertical evaporator. The proprietary vertical ice trays retail for about $60. We tried small conventional trays, but they're awkward to position, they're prone to spill while we're under way, and we couldn't set anything on top of them. Covered trays allowed us to set items on top, but they still leaked from under the lids if we pitched or heeled before the water froze.

We discovered the No-Spill Ice Tray at Camping World for just $2.40. It's nine and a half inches long and three and three quarters inches wide and fits horizontally inside our evaporator. It's completely sealed, the ice doesn't absorb odors, and when it's frozen, we simply give it a few taps and pour ice out of the wide mouth. Margaritas, anyone?