Sea Tow Selects Radian for Vessel Tracking and Monitoring

On-water marine assistance provider Sea Tow has tapped data collection and aggregation innovator Radian as its preferred vessel tracking and monitoring solution.
Radian systems
Radian systems will help ensure that Sea Tow boats are operational and ready to go when a boater calls for assistance. Courtesy Sea Tow/Radian

The next time you—heaven forbid—need to call Sea Tow, rest assured that there’s a good chance your rescue boat will be ready to roll with the latest vessel tracking and monitoring technology on the seas. 

Radian systems support risk management from the perspective of real-time alerts for low voltage and bilge pumps running. This was deemed especially useful for Sea Tow franchise owners when their boats are tied to the dock, unmanned and not servicing customers. With the Radian systems, franchisees can keep ahead of the curve by ensuring their boats are operational and ready to go when a boater calls for assistance. Radian systems can set alerts for location via geofencing and speed limits which helps franchise owners ensure their boats are operated in the safest and most economical RPM range for fuel burn, response and patrol speeds. 

Currently, there are numerous Sea Tow franchises, including Sea Tow Tampa Bay, Sea Tow Central Florida Lakes and Sea Tow Hampton Roads, using Radian, and many others are currently working to get Radian set up on their boats. 

Additionally, Radian has embedded a “Call Sea Tow” button in its IQ+ mobile app for consumers, making it simple for boaters who use Radian devices to contact Sea Tow for on-water assistance.  

“We are very excited to partner with Sea Tow to offer Radian’s industry-leading platform that connects Sea Tow Franchisees with their customers,” said Joe Czarnecky, Radian CEO. “With our technology, Sea Tow will know if a boat is underway, has a dead battery, or has a continuously running bilge pump. Sea Tow Franchisees can follow the speed and direction of travel preceding a disabling event to form a rescue plan in advance of their arrival. Since the best way to avoid a tow is to know the health of the vessel before casting off, Radian’s low voltage and bilge high-water alarms will help participating Sea Tow members remotely see issues in advance. Everyone wins here.”

Sea Tow boats
Equipping Sea Tow boats with an IP67 waterproof Radian device is a simple process. Courtesy Sea Tow/Radian

“Sea Tow has long recognized the benefits of utilizing technology to provide franchise owners with the peace of mind they deserve,” said Sea Tow President Kristen Frohnhoefer. “With Radian, Sea Tow franchise owners will be able to see relevant information regarding their boats. This solid tracking and monitoring solution will help them improve operational efficiencies in a cost-effective way.”

Equipping boats with an IP67 waterproof Radian device is a simple process that can be handled by the Sea Tow franchise owners themselves. There are no external antennas or sophisticated wiring required. Both, the Radian M2 and the CAN-BUS-connected Radian M3 devices have long-life internal batteries, that take over reporting responsibilities when the boat’s batteries drop below an operable voltage. By connecting with the boats NEMA 2000 and CAN communication buses, the M3 device allows the engine and onboard electronics data to be captured and reported with each transmission to the Radian platform.