A Versatile Drysuit

The Ignite by Ocean Rodeo is not your typical foul-weather gear.

Ocean Rodeo Ignite drysuit

If you're more than a fair-weather sailor, or you live somewhere with a cold climate, you probably take your foul-weather gear seriously as there's really not much worse than being cold and wet. Drysuits are an option, but they have their drawbacks as well. If you've ever thought that it might be nice if your typical foulies could be adapted and become a drysuit, check out the Ignite drysuit by Ocean Rodeo.

It doesn't look like a typical drysuit -- instead, it looks more like a two-piece jacket and pants set -- and with two "modes", it doesn't act like a typical drysuit either. In "full dry" mode, the Ignite is 100-percent dry, while in "standby" mode, you can remove the neck seal and unzip the dry zip for more comfort and ventilation. This suit also offers padded knees, a high all-whether collar, and a removable neoprene-lined hood.

Ocean Rodeo is based on Vancouver Island, Canada, and they specialize in cold-water watersports gear. Check it out at oceanrodeo.com