Waveblade Hull Cleaner

Blast away fouling on all of your boat's underwater surfaces with multi-directional vibration. No scraping required!

January 30, 2013


Have you ever found yourself swimming under your boat with a putty knife, scraping the fouling from your prop or hull and thought, “there’s got to be a better way”?

Check out the Waveblade, the first submersible handheld power tool that cleans gently yet effectively through vibration. With a blade for every task, Waveblade is a versatile tool that can remove fouling from large areas and hard-to-reach places. It’s easy for boat owners to switch out the interchangeable blades with the supplied allen key. When fitted with the 1-inch flat chisel scraper, Waveblade tackles the difficult areas around anodes and keel coolers with ease.

Waveblade works by a patented oscillating action that cleans with agitation rather than friction. Unlike putty knives, pressure washers, or scrubbers, Waveblade’s vibration is safe for any surface and will not wear away protective paint. Barnacles, calcification rings, tube worms, mussels, oysters, rust, and slime all remove easily. This tool is equipped with a 45-foot cord and works up to 15 feet underwater, or on dry land such as when the boat’s on the hard.


The 1-inch flat chisel blade in black coated steel is intended for dry use. It’s included in the starter kit, along with the Waveblade, a 3-inch black steel blade, safety glasses, gloves and custom carry bag. The kit retails for $399. The stainless steel 1-inch blade for underwater use retails for $24.99, and extra black-coated steel blades cost $19.99. Take a look at


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