Where's the Handheld?

A handy gadget to help clear the decks. From "New Products" from our September 2009 issue

368 gps mount

Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

With all the electronic gizmos that make navigating from the cockpit the norm, it's a wonder that today's new cruising boats have dedicated nav stations at all, and this little piece of kit does nothing to reverse the trend. It's not very techie-just a simple Handheld GPS Mount from Edson Marine-but as anyone who's used an unmounted handheld can attest, the little buggers can slide all over the cockpit (and even overboard) if you're not careful. The mount, which comes with either a 3- or 5-inch base (both are shown) has an articulating ball joint, puts the GPS by the helm where you need it, and allows the GPS to be easily removed and stowed down below. It's obviously designed to work well on Edson steering pedestals, but it'll easily attach to any stainless-steel tubing.

Starting at $109, (508) 995-9711, www.edsonmarine.com