Going Green with Gear

Make your life aboard more eco-friendly with items to help you stay off the grid and even get around town.
air x wind generator
Using a wind generator to fill the batteries on board makes a lot of sense; however, many cruisers have been put off by the noise that some models make. The new Air Silent X wind generator uses the proven Air X turbine, but with new quiet carbon-fiber blades. Already have an Air X unit? The new blades are available as a retrofit kit. $1,455 (whole unit), $360 (blades only); Air Silent X Wind Generator
Revelo Flex Electric Bike
Cruising sailors are often carless, but the Revelo Flex electric bike might be the next best thing. Folded up, the Flex can easily stow in a locker, and it weighs just 33 pounds. The bike is ready to ride in about 10 seconds, and the battery has a 20-mile range on a single charge. $998; Revelo Flex Electric Bike
Nature Power rechargeable LED flashlight
You can never have enough flashlights aboard — or places to charge your personal electronics. The weather-resistant Nature Power rechargeable LED flashlight with power bank has you covered. Its powerful 110-lumen light can last up to eight hours, and the 4,500 mAh power bank can charge devices up to three times. $40; Nature Power rechargeable LED flashlight
Imtra Largo
The versatile Largo LED dome light from Imtra offers a number of different lighting options in a compact package. The 12-volt Largo light features a simple, twowire, surface-mount installation, a built-in dimmer and three color outputs: either warm or cool white, blue and red. $220; Imtra Largo
Eco Tank Pro
Unsavory smells filling your boat’s saloon? If holding-tank odors have made life aboard less enjoyable, check out Eco Tank Pro. The environmentally safe granules are formaldehyde-free and biodegradable, and contain bio-stimulants that accelerate the native bacteria in the tank, breaking down waste and paper. $30 (14 ounces); Eco Tank Pro