Governor of Maine speaks at Morris Yachts BOTY award ceremony

Morris Yachts president Cuyler Morris accepts award for the M52.

Elected officials, 70 Morris Yachts employees, a dozen owners, plus a bevy of TV news crews, and radio, and print reporters descended upon Morris Yachts' Trenton, Maine, facility to celebrate the M52 winning the Bristol Award in Cruising World's Boat of the Year program. Governor Baldacci came from Augusta, and so did representatives from both Senator Snowe's and Collins' offices. Another representative from Congressman Michaud's office arrived from Bangor.

Cuyler Morris accepted the award on behalf of the crew, then the Governor spoke. He reiterated how important boat building is to the state and that Morris Yachts is one of the standard bearers of the Maine brand. He also thanked the state legislature for passing the adjustment to the boat tax that essentially lowers the sales tax on boats from 5% to 2% thus making Maine more competitive with states like Florida and RI. "This award reflects well on all of Maine's boat building industry and the State," said the Governor. "Shipbuilding is woven into the cultural and economic fabric of Maine and remains an important employer. People around the globe recognize the reputation of Maine-built boats, and Morris Yachts plays an important role in Maine's tradition and economy."