The Grip Project

Footwear start-up Rhea headed to the lab to develop a sandal with serious grip.

Spring has finally sprung and with it, sandal season. Just in time, California-based footwear start-up Rhea has engineered a line of sandals specifically for traction on slick, wet surfaces. Through a year of research and development Rhea refers to as the "Grip Project," Rhea came up with a "Griptech" rubber compound similar to the rubber used in space shuttles for maximum grip and durability. The treads are designed to push liquids away for increased contact between the sole and the dock, dinghy, or cockpit.

Available in 6 colors for women and 4 colors for men, the sandals run $50-75 via the company's KickStarter campaign, with shipping expected in June. Cruising World's tester found the strap between the toes to be a little far back in the shoe, so ordering a size up is recommended.