Changes in the Weather

It's easy to lament the change of the seasons (especially if you're not headed south like the sane cruisers do), but winter aboard isn't all that bad.

October 20, 2011

At Home Afloat- sunset

Jen Brett

“I’m dancin’ in the clouds
With my feet still on the ground
I couldn’t say a dream could get much better
And as you watch the sun go down
You wake up to the sound
Of changes in the weather”

– Barefoot Truth

So I’ll admit that I’ve been a little lax on the blog posts lately. Blame the end of summer madness, vacations, school, kids, family visits, work, boat shows — you get the idea. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, even—make that especially—when you live on board. But things are slowing down now, and for that we can blame (or thank?) the coming of winter.


It’s easy to lament the change of the seasons (especially if you’re not headed south like the sane cruisers do), but I find that embracing Jack Frost is easier than denying him (or being grumpy for his entire stay). Maybe it’s because experiencing the seasons is still somewhat new for me (remember I am a Florida transplant), or maybe it’s seeing how happy snow and Santa Claus make my kids. I think, however, that the real reason is that winter is a time to slow down. To snuggle in warm blankets, drink hot cocoa, visit with friends that we don’t see much of during the busy summer. And I’ll admit that Lyra makes a cozy winter abode (thanks to an awesome diesel heater!). Not to mention that winter also means that we’re back at the dock, which after a busy summer on the hook with two kids is a welcome respite (toting kids, groceries, laundry and stuff between the car and the mothership via a long walk and an even longer dinghy ride will even wear Supermom down eventually).

So while I’m OK with the coming of old man winter, there’s plenty I’ll miss about summer life in Newport Harbor such as stargazing, hammock time on the foredeck, weekend cruising, swimming off of the boat, the view, the weather, and the late sunsets. The photo here pretty much sums it up and serves as a nice reminder to me that when I slow down and take the time to enjoy the view, life aboard—even when it’s crazy and hectic (call it character building)—still beats the alternative.

If you have any thoughts or living aboard questions, please email me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!


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