BVI Spring Regatta Recap

The Bitter End Crew hopped onboard Bruce Chaffe’s RP42 Rikki to put Bitter End Provisions to the test on race day.
BVI Spring Regatta
Gallantly lead by Captain Adrian van der Wal, the Bitter End Crew put Bitter End Provisions to the test on race day aboard Rikki. Courtesy Bitter End Yacht Club

The BVI Spring Regatta kicked off this year with an exhilarating around Tortola Race, set against classic Caribbean conditions that had a fleet of 44 boats, across their 5 respective classes, eagerly anticipating action on the Sir Francis Drake course. With a brisk 16 knots at the start, the upwind leg toward Beef Island demanded tactical finesse, with the team aboard Rikki engaging in a dinghy race style battle with their competitors, as they vied for position at the windward mark.

RP42 Rikki, owned by Bruce Chaffee, boasts a crew of relatively young sailors in their 20s, each with impressive sailing resumes, cutting their teeth in the professional sailing world. Easily spotted by its striking red hull, Rikki stands out on the water, and the excited energy onboard is contagious. This team is serious about results, but also about the fun they have onboard.

BVI Spring Regatta
The young team aboard Rikki employed tactical finesse as they donned Bitter End Provisions gear from head to toe for competition. Courtesy Bitter End Yacht Club

Outfitted from head to toe in Bitter End Provisions gear, it was champagne sailing for the RP42 crew, who prevailed around the windward mark, leading the charge downwind.

The breeze steadily increased from 20 to 22, and then exceeded 24 knots on the thrilling downwind leg, affirming the reputation of this course as one of the premier and most exhilarating in the world. For those new to BVI sailing, this day served as an irresistible introduction to the week ahead.

Rikki’s boat captain (and BVI Spring Regatta virgin), Adrian van der Wal, had to say: “It was fantastic racing in a stunningly beautiful setting. The event was well organized, the race committee did a great job and the onshore festivities were a blast!”

BVI Spring Regatta
The Bitter End Crew sailed to glory aboard Rikki, easily spotted by its striking red hull. Courtesy Bitter End Yacht Club

The BVI Spring Regatta has stood as an iconic fixture in the Caribbean sailing calendar for over 50 years, drawing sailors of diverse levels and disciplines. From the leisurely charter fleet cruising class to the adrenaline-fueled competition among high-performance catamarans vying for the Caribbean Multihull Challenge title, this event ranks high on the bucket list of sailors worldwide.

Dates for the 2025 Spring Regatta have already been announced! Mark your next year’s event, set to take place from March 31 to April 6, 2025. Keep an eye out for the Bitter End Crew as they once again take to the water in pursuit of sailing glory.

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