Decked out For Charter

Transformations occur when these boat owners apply creativity and elbow grease belowdecks. From "Makeovers and Refits" in our October 2007

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Richard is a certified American Sailing Association bareboat, cruising, and keelboat instructor who can also teach open-water scuba diving. His guests are active, so Labe Yoseph¿s upholstery needed to be rugged. All the new fabrics are washable and stain-and-spill resistant.Richard Stalford

The interior of a liveaboard cruising sailboat poses some classic aesthetic challenges. How can we make this small space as open, uplifting, and useful as possible while also dressing it for its role as the centerpiece of a beautiful floating home that reflects our personal taste? Last May, Cruising World asked readers who've given makeovers to their older boats to show us the fruits of their labor. The photos of the dramatic refits we've received inspire us to see the potential for creative transformation that lie hidden in our own boats. This month, Richard Stalford welcomes us aboard Labe Yoseph.

Decked Out for Charter
Richard Stalford's life took a dramatic turn in 2002, when he decided to leave his successful career as a water-resources engineer in North Carolina to become the owner and operator of Labe Yoseph, a 1989 Morgan 462 available for charter in Road Town, Tortola. Richard, a stickler for detail and for energy-efficient marine systems, sailed the ketch in 2005 down to Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, where he did a complete refit.

The main saloon of Labe Yoseph was functional but quite dated when Richard purchased her. Now the boat's bright and tasteful and, at the same time, practical, reflecting its use as a charter boat that must cater to the needs of active sailors who might be scuba diving one minute, dining in elegance the next. On the forward bulkhead is an original ceramic-tile painting-a large and dramatic focal point that draws the eye in more effectively than any collection of smaller pieces or photos, which would also create a more cluttered feeling. He's used colors from the artwork for the accent pillows and carried the same palette into the other cabins of the boat. The result is a cool and sophisticated haven from the tropical sun. For information on chartering Labe Yoseph, visit the boat's website (