Hands-On Sailor Christened

The editors at Cruising World bring you a new do-it-yourself monthly e-newsletter to help you tackle that never-ending to-do list.

CW Launches Hands-On Sailor e-newsletter

CW editor Mark Pillsbury introduces our Hands-On Sailor e-newsletter.Billy Black

Sailors like to tinker. Row through the anchorage on any given morning and you’re bound to see someone polishing the stainless or with the toolbox out, fixing some piece of hardware. It’s what we do. With each little wind shift, we adjust sheets or reposition the tiller. Anticipating what will happen next and learning how to react to it are part of the never-ending learning curve involved with owning and sailing a sailboat. They’re where we find our challenges and reap our rewards.

This week, the editors of Cruising World have launched a new e-newsletter, Hands-On Sailor, to bring you how-to advice that will help you get more enjoyment from your boat and the time you get to spend out on the water. In each issue, CW editors will dig back into our archives for tips about sailing, maintenance, projects, voyaging, and seamanship—the mainstays of our 37 years of Hands-On Sailor stories from the magazine.

We'll also feature gear-related blogs from experts like CW's electronics editor Ben Ellison and Ed Sherman, author of several books on sailboat systems, along with stories from the editors themselves and from our readers.

Speaking of our readers, do you have a useful tip you want to share? Send it along to HOS@cruisingworld.com, or post your tip in any of our forums. If we use it, we'll send you some cool CW swag.

Oh, and one last thing, if you like the new e-newsletter, tell your friends about Hands-On Sailor, or better yet, forward it to them so they can become subscribers, too! After all, who doesn't like to spend a morning down tinkering on the boat?