No Birds On Board

When you leave your boat on a mooring, do you have a hard time keeping feathered guests from invading? Try this simple solution.

Tern Goosers

Bob Cusack

No doubt about it, birds are lovely to look at—except when they're on your boat. The droppings that they leave behind are not only gross, but can stain gelcoat and fabric. If the avian invaders like to roost on your bow and stern rails, try this easy solution—called Tern Goosers—offered by reader Bob Cusack:

"In the Nahant/Lynn waters, just north of Boston, we not only have the traditional seagulls and cormorants which inhabit the area, but we are on one of the North American flyways for terns. They visit us in early June heading north and mid to late August through mid September heading south. They love to sit, using their claws (for want of a better term) on the bow and stern rails facing into the wind. Unfortunately, they leave a mess. After hours of scrubbing and creative attempts to ward them off, I found that a clip and wire tie is simple and 100-percent affective if enough are used."

Basically, you just attach a 6-inch or longer wire tie through the back side of a holding clip. After you're done sailing, just clip these on about six inches or so apart on the rails—bow, stern, handrails, wherever. They're easy to make and completely reusable- just yank them off before going sailing.

Beckson Marine Holding Clips, 1-inch being the right size for most boats rails (West Marine model #242321).

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