Patriot Boat Names Most Popular in Poll

BoatU.S., the nation’s largest recreational boat owners association, announced today its 2002 Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names as selected by boaters across the country. With the final tallies in, leading the pack are Liberty in first place and Victory in second--both newcomers to the list. "2002 was a year full of patriotic American pride," said Richard Schwartz, BoatU.S. founder and chairman, "and boaters are no different. They love their country and their boats."

The 2002 list is also characterized by a shift away from perennial favorites. Only one name, Endless Summer, listed at Number 5, is a returning favorite, while the remaining seven boat names are all newcomers. Notably absent are previous multi-year winners Serenity, Obsession, Therapy, and Osprey. "Of course, other previous winners such as "Liquid Asset," need no explanation as to why it didn’t make the list," said Schwartz.

The "2002 Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names" is as follows: (1) Liberty, (2) Victory, (3) Aquaholic, (4) Bite Me, (5) Endless Summer, (6) Seahorse, (7) Footloose, (8) Silver Lining, (9) Miss Behavin, and (10) Moondance.

The list is compiled annually by the BoatU.S. Graphics Department which produces custom boat graphics. For more information, call 1-800-937-3300 or visit the online service at The online service allows boaters to get ideas from a library containing over 1,500 names, easily custom design and preview graphics, insert stock logos, and view photos of the finished product.