Reader Tip: Can Storage

Have you rummaged through the can locker to look for something and thought, "there must be a better way..."? Well, there is!

Can storage

Creative can storageAnn Adams

Here's a clever idea from Ann Adams for keeping cans neat and orderly in the locker. "I bought map tubes online at Tap Plastics — I chose the two lager sizes — and use them under my seats to store cans. They're easy to store as they lay on their side and easy to locate the can you want. You just pull out the tubes and can see through the clear plastic to find the needed item. This really saved me last year when a can of sliced pineapple developed a pin hole and leaked while under passage. The cans in that one tube were sticky but the rest of the storage hold was still clean. I was also saved when a chainplate leaked into that hold and my cans suffered no ill effects!"

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