Reader Tip: Removable Adhesive

When the thought of drilling into your boat's varnished bulkheads gives you the chills, try this sticky solution.

HOS- bulletin board

Les Blackwell

One of the things I hated to do during most of my boating years was to drill and/or screw something into the bulkhead or any of the finished woods that were like furniture in my boats. What if I wanted to change it later? Then I had holes to fill, sand, and try to refinish. My new Hunter 27 came with a beautiful cherry wood finish, lacquered I believe, but I'm not a wood specialist. On my last several boats where there wasn't wood, there was a cloth-like material lining the hull. How do you screw into that?

I came across 3M's Command Hooks (and now tapes) that can attach to a clean surface, and if what you are hanging doesn't suit you, you can pull the tab and the hanging devices can easily be removed without damaging the wood's finish.....or the cloth I have found out.

At present I have hung two offshore inflatable PFDs in my head next to the companionway, easy to get. Those were installed with Command Hooks. However recently I installed a bulletin board next to my navigation table. If I decide later that I want to move it, the cherry wood interior will not be harmed. Magical stuff.

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