Search and Rescue Resources

Check out these web resources, along with a glossary of SAR acronyms and abbreviations, to stay safe on the water.

Web Resources:

EPIRBs must be registered in a national database:
Rescue Coordination Centers (RCCs):

Boatwatch locates lost mariners and passes urgent messages to them:


A Glossary of SAR Acronyms and Abbreviations:

AMVER: Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel-Rescue System
COSPAS: Russian acronym for Space System for the Search of Vessels in Distress
EPIRB: Emergency position-indicating radio beacon
DF: (Radio) direction finding
DSC: Digital selective calling
GEOLUT: Geostationary satellite system local user terminal
GEOSAR: Geostationary satellite system for search and rescue
IMO: International Maritime Organization
EOLUT: Low-Earth-orbit satellite system local user terminal
LEOSAR: Low-Earth-orbit satellite system for SAR
LUTs: Local user terminals
MCC: Mission Control Center
MMSI: Maritime mobile service identity
RCC: Rescue Coordination Center
SAR: Search and rescue
SARSAT: Search and rescue satellite-aided tracking
SART: Search-and-rescue transponder

Read more about activating an EPIRB from Beth A. Leonard, and check out the Best-Case International SAR Scenario.