Second Video Contest Winners: Down Below During a Blow

The winner of CW's second video contest is community member tinybubbles, whose video "Hot-n-Bothered" showed the reality of life at sea, leaks and all.

More often than not, submissions to CW's video contests give us glimpses of places we would rather be--a beach in the British Virgin Islands, the deck of a ketch bound for Antigua. The video that won our most recent contest, however, showed us a place a little less enticing: the cramped cabin of a 25-foot Pacific Seacraft too busy tossing and turning in turbulent seas to prevent a slow parade of water from seeping through its portholes and dripping on the passengers below. Tiny Bubbles, your perseverance just won your caretakers a $500 American Express gift card. Maybe now they'll spring for some Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure Hairline Crack Sealer.

(Click each screenshot to watch the video)

First Place

Contributor: tinybubbles
Title: "Hot-n-Bothered"
tinybubbles's Description:
"Hove to about 35 miles off of Niuatoputopu, Tonga, in sustained 35-knot winds and 10- to 12-foot seas on our 25-foot, engineless Pacific Seacraft Tiny Bubbles"
Judges' comments:
"I liked this video because of the narration and the lookaround the boat with the leaky ports. It did a good job of showing what it'sreally like to be at sea during a blow." -Andrew Burton

Second Place

Contributor: dadelo
Title: "BVI Treasure Hunt"
dadelo's Description:
"Maiden voyage of the kids enjoying a charter in the BVI."
Judges' comments:
"Fun video--I like the idea of the treasure hunt. The kids looked liked they were having a blast." -Pete Matchett
"This was the only one that made me laugh at the end!" -Elizabeth Wishe

Third Place

Contributor: mudlark
Title: "Barbarossa"
mudlark's Description:
"A gaff ketch sailing from London, England, to Washington, D.C."
Judges' comments:
"Quite a voyage! I like the style of this one, an interesting, nicely condensed and presented 15 minutes of highlights from the voyage. I liked the two different moments in the video where the videographer describes the history of the sails (one that he traded for in Indonesia, another he got 25 years ago). I also liked the narration and the lingo. Some of the camera angles and camera mount shots were nice, too." -Pete Matchett

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.