Stop Deck Abrasion: Wear and Tear Pads

These flexible pads will bend to any surface that needs protection from line chafing. A gear review from our April 2009 issue

wear and tear 368

A wear and tear pad in position to protect gelcoat.

The WearAndTear anti-chafe pad is a handy idea from Andrew Grogono, a former world speed-sailing record holder and the engineer in Great Britain who developed it for his cruising boat.

The ultra-thin, bendable piece of stainless steel with an adhesive backing is designed to prevent lines from chafing through your boat's gel coat, say, on the edge of a coaming. The laser-cut stainless-steel pads measure 6 inches by 2 inches.
$25 each (including shipping to the United States), +44-1934-835-264,