West Marine Now Offers BoatU.S. Membership

As part of the new alliance between BoatU.S. and West Marine, West Marine will now offer BoatU.S. membership at over 258 West Marine locations through the new West Advantage Plus program. Launched April 1, the program features BoatU.S. membership and costs only $14 to join--a 25% discount off the regular BoatU.S. annual membership dues.

BoatU.S. Founder and Chairman Richard Schwartz said, "In today’s marine retail environment, anything that adds value to the shopping experience is positive. By combining a BoatU.S. membership with a frequent shopping program, consumers get a complete package of national representation, benefits, services, and discounts. It’s a winning formula for everyone involved."

The West Advantage Plus program featuring BoatU.S. membership increases the value of dollars-off reward certificates by 50% over the original West Advantage program and can be earned and redeemed at over 258 West Marine and 62 BoatU.S. retail locations, catalogs, or online. Members earn one point for every dollar they spend. When they reach 300 points they receive a dollars-off reward certificate for $15 toward future purchases. All BoatU.S. members are automatically enrolled in the West Advantage Plus program.

BoatU.S. For membership information visit www.BoatUS.com or call 800-395-2628.