When the Stick Comes Down

When their Valiant 40 is dismasted in the South Pacific, the crew has to scramble to jury-rig a substitute spar. Photos by Rebecca Childress. Read the complete story by Patrick Childress here.


When a chainplate broke on Brick House, a Valiant 40, a common cruising nightmare suddenly became all too real.Rebecca Childress


Now the crew had to save the sails. Patrick Childress jumped in to cut the genoa halyard free.Rebecca Childress


Once_ Brick House_ was safely anchored at Tabiteuea, the job of securing the mast and fashioning the jury rig could really begin.Rebecca Childress


After sending a messenger line over the mast stump, rope stays could then be secured.Rebecca Childress


Patrick climbed the stump and removed the radar reflector and the wire stays.Rebecca Childress


Using blocks and tackle, we secured an upper shroud to the adjacent chainplates.Rebecca Childress


The culprit was a thoroughly corroded chain-plate.Rebecca Childress


Motorsailing with the mast tip still scraping the water made the 225-mile run to Tarawa challenging.Rebecca Childress