Never get stuck on a mooring with a waterlogged radio again.

Courtesy of the Manufacturer

It’s a wet and breezy day and you’re soaking wet as you as try to hail the launch for a pickup, but they can’t hear you because your radio is waterlogged again. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to check out iCOM’s M93D, which takes the handheld VHF to the next level.

With a sleek and sporty look, thin body and professional grade systems, this radio is the perfect choice for serious sailors.

The unit floats and emits a flash when submerged, making it easy to spot in the water. More than a radio, however, the iCOM M93D also has a GPS and can take fixes within eight to twelve seconds and stores 50 waypoints. It can calculate location, bearing and speed. The extra-large, high contrast LCD screen and flat, positive-click keyboard, allow for a simple user experience and increase visibility of data in direct sunlight or rough weather. An active noise-canceling feature removes background audio and its “Aqua Quake” system drains water from the speaker and microphone so transmissions will always be crystal clear. Sailors can have security peace of mind knowing that this radio also has an easy to access Class D distress call system using a rear panel button, can receive weather alerts and a battery life up to 9 hours.