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Visit the world's best mooring, and meet the 2012 Boat of the Year winners.

December 17, 2011

CW January 2012

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Up Where We Belong
by Alvah Simon
After wintering over in Seward, the crew on Roger Henry crosses Prince William Sound to spend the summer exploring the spectacular waters of Southeast Alaska

The World’s Best Mooring
by Webb Chiles
You can rest easy now; the debate is over. The best mooring on the planet is in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, at 35˚ 18′ S, 174° 7′ E. What, you think yours is better? Tell us why and win a party!

On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander


Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo

Off Watch by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life:
Sailor Profile by Matt Rutherford


Under Way by Ben Zartman

People & Food by Jennifer Goff

Special: 2012 Boat of the Year
A Classy Class of New Boats by Herb McCormick
There’s plenty to consider when looking at the lineup of new sailboats visited by our Boat of the Year panel of expert judges

2012 Boat of the Year Winners  
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379: Domestic Boat of the Year and Best Midsize Cruiser, 36 to 40 Feet  
Leopard 44: Import Boat of the Year and Best Cruising Multihull  
Hunter e33: Best Compact Cruiser, 30 to 35 Feet  
Tartan 4000: Best Midsize Cruiser, 40 to 45 Feet  
Passport Vista 545 CC: Best Full-Size Cruiser, 45 Feet and Above  

The Consumers Pick Their Favorites by Mark Pillsbury
Our Secret Shoppers share their thoughts

The 2012 CW Sailboat Show by The Editors
Check out reviews of the 2012 fleet

Hands-On Sailor:
Unconventional Wisdom by Ken Textor
Seamanship: When sailing in fog, use your GPS and depth sounder in tandem to keep you safe from both underwater hazards and traffic dangers


At Home and at Work, Afloat by Neville Hockley
Living Aboard: This sailor’s onboard office promises a commute you can cruise with

Be Ready for Trouble by Steve D’Antonio
Monthly Maintenance: Testing your sailboat’s alarm systems is just as important
as having them on board in the first place

Handheld Kit Brings Peace of Mind by Ben Ellison
Electronics: Some new personal locator beacons boost confidence by adding functions for normal offshore communications; others allow you to verify their readiness

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