In This Issue: July 2011

You picked your 12 top destinations for a summer sail--now read about them!

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Around the World by Thumb by Clive Webber
A high-seas hitchhiker recounts the tale of his 16-month, 25,000-mile westabout circumnavigation on other people’s boats. He tells you how you can do it, too.


The Big Empty by Webb Chiles
Sailing these Australian waters in the long gloomy shadow cast by James Cook, a veteran singlehander traces for the third time–and, he knows, his last–a 400-mile coastal route from Cairns around Cape York. Ahead lies open water.

Our Favorite Harbors
Cruising World readers from near and far share the best of their summer destinations.



On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo

Off Watch by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Sailing Life:

Under Way by Ben Zartman

Sailor Profile by Alvah Simon


Summer Reading

People & Food by Linda Evans

Hands-On Sailor:

Maintaining your Propane System by Wayne Canning
Living Aboard: Take the proper steps now to prevent dangerous leaks.

How to Conserve Cooking Fuel by Carolyn Shearlock
12 Tips: Cook smart and stretch your galley’s fuel supply.

A Different Sort of Valve Job by Tom Zydler
Projects: You’ll definitely want to install replacement seacocks correctly. They keep your boat afloat.

Cool, Clean Water by Steve D’Antonio
Monthly Maintenance; Hull strainers come in several styles. All are designed to prevent debris from clogging your engine’s vital intake hose.


When the Anchor Goes Down, Stand Up and Paddle by Eric Sanford
Water Toys: Easily stowed inflatable paddleboards deliver onboard fun and fitness. Their soft fins and decks increase safety and decrease any chance of dings.

Alerion Sport 33 by Herb McCormick
Boat Review: “Gentleman’s daysailer” aptly describes this fetching and delightful 33-footer from Pearson Marine Group.

Dufour 45e Performance by Herb McCormick
Boat Review: Dufour’s rakish 45-footer earned Cruising World’s 2011 Award for Best Cruiser, 40 to 49 feet.


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