In this Issue: March 2012

Take a kid-friendly Florida charter, explore the Texas Gulf Coast, and read about safer routes south to the Caribbean.

February 13, 2012

Cruising World March 2012

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The Daddy Diaries by Darrell Nicholson
On a bareboat charter in Gulf waters, two dads and five kids temper threats of Florida family-vacation meltdowns by invoking the time-tested insight that “it’s not a cruise until someone is bleeding”

A Place of Thorns by Jay Corzine
Sailing the waters of Aransas Bay, on the Gulf coast of Texas, can be difficult, challenging—and exhilarating


City Sailors by Nadine Slavinski
New York City has it all: culture and crime, poetry and pollution, glamour and grit. For sailors who arrive on their own boats, add killer currents, full-tilt ferries, and the chance to relish Gotham’s charms in entirely new ways

On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo


Off Watch by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life:**
Under Way by Ben Zartman

People & Food by Janet Hofmeyr


Hands-On Sailor:
New Tools for Managing Your Battery Bank by Ed Sherman
Systems: In Part II of this three-part series, we learn that to get the most out of the more efficient batteries you’ve added to your DC system, you may need to update other components

Sailing South? Forget Bermuda by Don Street
Voyaging: For cruisers heading south in the fall for the Caribbean, there are routes that can reduce the risk from storms

Keep an Eye on Keel Bolts by Steve D’Antonio
Monthly Maintenance: Because of the environment in which they operate and the stresses placed upon them, the keel fasteners that fix external ballast in place should be inspected at least annually


Champagne Electronics on a Beer Budget by Green Brett
Electronics: A cruising couple builds a modern nav station that doesn’t break the bank

Beneteau Oceanis 41 and 45: The Chine, a Syndrome by Herb McCormick
Boat Review: Two new offerings from Beneteau sport chines that run the full lengths of the hulls and add interior volume while promoting stability

Gallic Globetrotter by Nadine Slavinski
Classic Plastic: Comfortable enough to live aboard, the Dufour 35 is also solid enough for blue water

New Products by Herb McCormick
Offerings include a handheld searchlight, marine lubricants, an improved waterpump cover, and a compact video camera for inspecting your boat beneath the waterline

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