In This Issue: September 2011

Head south with our September issue. Wendy Mitman Clarke recounts her captivating visit to the Dominican Republic, while Mark Pillsbury tells his story of a passage to the Caribbean.

August 17, 2011
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CW September 2011

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Full Noise or No Noise by Herb McCormick
Special Report: American solo sailor Brad Van Liew’s recent round-the-world triumph should’ve raised a racket, but was anyone listening?

Diamond in the Rough by Wendy Mitman Clarke
A visit to the Dominican Republic rewards intrepid sailors who venture off the usual route when heading south


Caribbean Bound on a Budget by Mark Pillsbury
Friends from their seaside hometown—and a clutch of cyberspace spreadsheets—help a family realize their sailing dream of a Caribbean Christmas

On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo


Off Watch by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life:
Passage Notes by Trevor Ferguson

Under Way by Ben Zartman


People & Food by Bonnie Pinzel

Hands-On Sailor:
When the Stick Comes Down by Patrick Childress
Seamanship: Cool heads and the right tools play their roles in saving the day

Security on Board by Gord Kerr
Projects: In the tropics, security bars on the hatches keep intruders out but let cooling breezes circulate


Go After Those Rust Stains by Steve D’Antonio
Monthly Maintenance: Discolored fiberglass around stainless-steel hardware can signal the presence of crevice corrosion

Broadband Affordability by Gram Schweikert
Electronics: A yearlong comparison of two very different onboard communications systems finds similar costs

Catalina 355: Thoughtful Design, Precise Execution by Tim Murphy
Boat Review: The Catalina 355 is CW’s 2011 Domestic Boat of the Year

Leadership 44: Sturdy and Progressive by Steve Callahan
Boat Review: A U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadet trainer from Morris Yachts could tempt sailors to return to school

Traditional Lines, Seaworthy Performance by Jen Brett
Classic Plastic: The Reliance 44 is a comfortable, modern cruising boat

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