July Photo Contest Results: The Beauty of Busywork

The winning photo shows us that, when you're on a catamaran in an isolated harbor in British Columbia, even doing laundry has it's appeal. "Community Spotlight" from our August 7, 2008, CW Reckonings

The interminable search for ice. Cooking on a slant. Not everything about cruising is pure fun, but that’s what makes it such a rewarding pursuit. The winning photo in CW‘s July photo contest recasts one of the cruising life’s more prosaic tasks– doing laundry– in a surprisingly poetic way. In toastmaster’s masterpiece, “What They Don’t Tell You About Cruising,” T-shirts, towels, and undergarments hang on the lifelines and genoa sheets of the catamaran Don Quixote, fluttering in the breeze like Tibetan prayer flags. It almost makes laundry day look romantic.

Congratulations, toastmaster, and thanks to everyone who contributed photos!

The judging panel included CW associate editor Kitty Martin, online business analyst Lisa Julius, and office manager Kathy Gregory.


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First Place

Contributor: toastfloats
Title: “What They Don’t Tell You About Cruising”
toastfloats’ Description: “Laundry day at Pender Harbor on s/v Don Quixote. They haven’t quite gotten around to installing a laundry mat yet, and we couldn’t afford it even if they had.”


Judge’s Comments:
“This photo gives us a ‘real’ look at the cruising life. No room for washer and dryer on board, I guess.” – Lisa Julius

Second Place

Contributor: svbillabong
Title: “The Perfect Night”
svbillabong’s Description: “Sunset in Thailand. If only every night at sea could be so perfect.”


Judge’s Comments:
“It is perfect: the way the photo is framed, the light,the boats, the water.” -Kitty Martin

Third Place

Contributor: MAUISWIMBOY
Title: “Roatan Beach”
MAUISWIMBOY’s Description: “Sailing between the Bay Islands of Honduras and the Honduran North Coast.”


Judge’s Comments: “I really like this photo. The scene is tranquil and makes me want to be there.” -Kathy Gregory

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