Know Before You Go

The Caribbean Safety and Security Net has a new, interactive map to help cruisers assess reported incidents in any Caribbean anchorage or island.

The Caribbean Safety and Security Net's new interactive incident mapCSSN

When it comes to the safety of your crew and the security of your boat and gear, ignorance is not bliss. For more than 20 years, the Caribbean Safety and Security Net has been keeping cruisers informed of any reported incidents of crimes against yachts. What started as just a high-frequency radio service net now includes an interactive infographic called Zoom-Tap, Know and Go.

These new data visualization tools in the form of interactive infographics provide a set of zoom-tap risk assessment tools available to any cruising captain who wishes to know the historical incident pattern, and the supporting details, in any location, anywhere in the Caribbean basin - on demand on any device they choose.

Check it out through the CSSN website or the CSSN Facebook group.