Living the Cruising Life Photo Contest

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What we’re looking for are great photos that capture all aspects of life on board – the sailing, the fun, even the chores.

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dolphins off a sailboat bow
Dolphin at the bow in the Atlantic and incredible reflections too. Judy Hatchett
The Exumas
The Exumas Chris Guldi
Sailing in Tahiti
Camping on anchor in Tahiti while it was too hot to sleep below. Moorea in the distance. Ashley Tara
Greek Islands Sailing
My wife Eleanor enjoying the freedom of sailing while cruising past Ios in the Greek Islands of the Agean. Philip Makowski
sailing selfie
Walking on Water… Must have Selfie!
Just another great day snorkeling the Underwater Statues in Grenada.
Bill Hajek
cruising off the coast of Croatia
Our 14-year old daughter, enjoying the cruising life off the coast of Croatia. Kees Post
living aboard a sailboat
We are a liveaboard family and found another family in the USVI that we hung out with for a few weeks, everyday was a new adventure. Cruising is all about the great people you meet. Carly Zaniboni
boat dog
I think it’s safe to say Olly loves being a little boat dog. Paul Boyd
Cruising in the BVI
Cruising in the BVI is the ultimate joy. Chris Tucker
kids on a sailboat
Parker and Coltrane Pschorr lived aboard the 55′ 1946 Novi fishing schooner Truant. While Dad fixed the deck, the boys walked the plank. Christian Pschorr
Blue Lagoon Marina in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Picture taken from Blue Lagoon Marina in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with a Canon Powershot sx50hs. The boat in picture is all wooden (including masts!) and from Sweden. Guinevere Bell
showering in the cockpit
Drena lathering up for a saltwater bath in the Bahamas JR Gyger
sailing with a dog
Sailing with my first mate in my MUSTO HPX makes even a dog happy. Hans Kampers
sailing the BVI
We were five days out in the BVI when we set that perfect tack. Close hauled in 25 knots making way to Cane Garden Bay. With the boat locked in we blasted cross the sea while my wife did her nails. Jacob Winigrad
Dog on a Sailboat
There’s no room to sit when the captain needs to get to the stern tie line. Blain Anderson
camping on a sailboat
Lake “camping,” as we call it. Joel Massicotte
Anegada anchorage
Exploring the deserted anchorage off Anegada (BVI), halfway through our 13000 mile cruise from UK with our daughters then aged 7 and 10. Julia Pollard
sailing in Mexico
Sonny and Kay Sides on S/V Valentina enjoying life in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. One of our favorite cruising spots after 7 1/2 years of cruising and living aboard. Kay Sides
catamaran sailing and kayak
Captain Ivo aboard S/V Fata Morgana has forbidden turning the engines on. In dead calm he pulls the boat with the kayak… Mira Nencheva
snorkeling in the south pacific
Living the dream. Snorkeling with friends in the crystal clear blue of Mangareva Atoll, French Polynesia, South Pacific. Livia Gilstrap
Just chilling on a sailboat
Just chilling Rick Tara
Cane Garden Bay
View of the mooring field, Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands Sebastian Sears
Cruising on a Valiant 40 sailboat
Taken aboard our Valiant 40, Sanctuary, on the Texas Gulf waters. Sometimes the best cruising is the quiet cruising. Anne Driver
Sailing Puget Sound
Enjoying a day on Puget Sound with S/V Inspirare and S/V Nahoa, 2 liveaboard sailboats. Annika Elias
Sailing the Exumas
Taken at Wardwick Wells, Exumas Park, Bahamas. The tide only changes 1 foot, but at low you can walk to the neighboring sand bars to relax. Ben Kramer
Tug on the ICW
Woke up one morning in Wrightsville Beach, NC to see this coming down the ICW. Rocked the Boat! Donald Bruce
Wonder in Belize Frances Carty
My first offshore passage
My first offshore passage. Love it! Haylee Pschorr
sailing sunset
Sundown in the Straits of Messina Jan Anderton
sailing in Greece
Checking the anchor in the Ionian, Greece. Jane Jarratt
Anchored at Coffin Island
Anchored at Coffin Island, nine miles off the coast from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Marga Lopez
Tall Ships sunset
Tall Ships sunset in the Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC, Canada Marie Bisson
Saba Rock Virgin Gorda BVI
Picture taken at Saba Rock Virgin Gorda BVI Michael Murdock
Sunset on Lake Michigan
Sunset on Lake Michigan Mike Robbins
Small Island in the BVI
Small Island in the BVI. Paul Lupinacci
sailing fun
Having fun and relaxing out on open water with my good friend Dan Per Moen
showering on a boat
Under sail enroute from Ensenada Honda, Culebra to Leinster Bay, St. John Richard Stanard
fishing in a dinghy
Perch fishing on Lake Erie in the dinghy Rick Ray
Whitby 42 ketch
Whitby 42 ketch Our Dreamtime anchored at Tangalooma near Brisbane, Australia. Rob Oberg
British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands Robert Mueller
Sunset, Telegraph Harbour
Sunset, Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, British Columbia Roy McCue
Sailing Holiday in the Greek Islands
This photo was taken between two Greek Islands in the Egean Sea on a Bavaria 39 Cruiser. Rüstü Can Gülbahce
Fishing on a sailboat charter
On a January 2015 charter, we were fishing at night in Eustasia Sound and landed this huge barracuda. Great fishing in the BVI! Sandra Renwick
Sailing the Sea of Cortez
Crossing the Sea of Cortez Sean Whitacre