Looking for a New Way to Document Your Sail?

Cruising sailor and one of the 2012 consumer BOTY judges Thad Kubis has designed a new way to log your cruises. Check it out!

Interactive Sailing Rating System

Thad Kubris

If you've ever wished for a more descriptive and standardized way to log and even compare your sailing adventures, take a look at the Interactive Sailing Rating System, designed by fellow cruising sailor and blogger Thad Kubis:

"When I sail, the feeling of sailing lasts long after I'm done, but sometimes I need a bit of help remembering the detailed feelings, sensations, conditions and the ability to fully visualize the sail. As I hold an U.S. Coast Guard Master's license I always keep a log, but a log can be dry, protected, and sterile. To counter this dry log I developed the Interactive Sailing Rating System or ISRS.

This simple, easy to use, and very user-friendly form follows me around the water and “on the hard” during the offseason. With this form I am ready to visualize my last sail or last year's sail. I also link any photos or videos taken on my iPhone of the sail via date and note that fact on ISRS and can recapture the true feeling of the past sail.

I hope you will use the ISRS to add to your 2012 sailing memories, please feel free to download the form and keep copies on your sailboat."

To learn more about the ISRS, or to download a copy, visit