Man With a Plan

Is it possible to work half the year and cruise the other half? In the CW forums, community members are discussing the practicalities of just such a plan. "Community Spotlight" from our September 19, 2008, CW Reckonings


CW community member kevtamus dreams of cruising the Caribbean, and in the CW forums, he's developing a getaway plan.Courtesy /cw/ Member Ralph

New CW community member kevtamus has a plan: buy a boat, learn to sail it, then alternate between working and cruising for six-months at a time. "Is this a feasible way to sail and work, or is everybody who sails independently wealthy?" he asks in a CW forums post.

Good question, kevtamus. Rest assured that liveaboard cruising is not just for the trust-fund set. To prove it, CW community members have been quick to respond with personal anecdotes and practical advice for making anyone's bluewater dreams come true. Visit the forums thread here.