March 2005 Table of Contents


edited by David W. Shaw
Sailing with kites, an homage to the Herreshoff 12 1/2, reliance at sea, enchanting Chiloe, People and Food, and more

“That’s My Berth!”
On Watch by Steve Callahan
Sure, they’d put a For Sale sign on their floating home, but that didn’t exactly mean they were ready to sell

The Day the Sea Swept In
Special Report by David W. Shaw
A cruiser’s-eye view of the December 26 Indian Ocean tsunamis uncovers many untold stories


Untroubled Waters, for Once
Under Way by Webb Chiles
Having known great joy and great despair, Webb finds himself a little lost in an unfamiliar state of contentment

The Sails Call
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
When the massive 1955 Pfaff sewing machine came aboard, so did the scolding souls of a phalanx of German grannies



Slidin’ to the Island
by Herb McCormick
A ride from San Francisco to Honolulu aboard a custom Bob Perry 65-footer in the West Marine Pacific Cup gives special meaning to the word “surfing”

For Pride and Glory
by David W. Shaw
The 1885 schooner Coronet–now undergoing a complete refit by the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, Rhode Island–began her life with a triumphant transatlantic dash to England

Waltzing Trintella
Yacht Style by Dieter Loibner
On a day that finds others running for shelter, sailors aboard the luxurious and shippy Trintella 55 Cuddy are feeling especially lucky



Perpetuated Motion
Auxiliaries by Tim Murphy
Diesel-electric propulsion is a century-old technology that may just be the wave of the future

Rebuilding the Iron Breeze
Systems by Michael Batham
Choosing to rebuild his trusty Ford diesel instead of replacing it, one voyager learned several valuable tips along the way


When Hot Air Makes Sense
Coastal Cruising by Tom Young
A sailor from Maine extols the pleasures of pushing the seasons–and offers tips for staying cozy

Across the Bottom
Voyaging by Meryle Thomson
The “right way” to sail around Australia is northabout, by way of Darwin; these sailors figure out how to do it the wrong way–without getting pasted


The Voyager’s Best Friend
Electronics 2005: Autopilots by Joe Minick
For the shorthanded crew, a reliable autopilot is the next best thing after a sound hull and deck. Follow these tips to keep yours steering happily

2005: Year of the Hybrid
New Electronics by Tim Murphy
New combinations of familiar technologies continue to open up fresh possibilities in marine electronics

Class Act from Maine
Boat Test by Alvah Simon
Find out why the Sabre 386 won CW’s overall award for Best Domestic Cruising Boat for 2005

Steer a Course and Stir the Pot
Boat Review by Ralph Naranjo
The Voyage 450 Cabriolet offers innovative living spaces in its open bridgedeck


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