March Photo Contest Results: Dwarf Us, Too!

The winner of CW's March photo contest is community member dadelo, whose photo "Dwarfed by Bora Bora" inspired the judges' envy in all the right ways.

April 8, 2008

In order to take a beautiful photograph of Bora Bora, first you have to go there, which is reward in itself. So maybe it’s a little unfair that we’ve chosen “Dwarfed by Bora Bora” as the winning photograph in our March contest–its photographer, community member dadelo, has already won. (In fact, dadelo has already won: his photograph “My Idea of Well-Furled Jib” placed second in our February contest.) Fair or not, the Bora Bora shot could not be ignored. It’s verdant, tropical subject matter provided an imagination vacation for this months’ judging panel, which included Kathy Gregory, Elizabeth Wishe, Kitty Martin, and Elaine Lembo.

Joining dadelo in the winners circle are two photographers who captured two distinct feelings with their cameras. Sailshaboom’s “East Boothbay Harbor in the Winter” conveyed the bone-freezing cold of Maine, while Carolyn’s “Sailing by Stromboli in Sicily” delivered the sense of fear that comes with cruising in the shadow of a volcano.

Congratulations to this month’s winners, and keep the fantastic photos coming!


(Click each image to view at full size)

First Place

Contributor: dadelo
Title: “Dwarfed by Bora Bora”
Judge’s Comments:
“I’m so tired of being cold here, this imagemakes me want to be right there!” -Kathy Gregory


“I love the green for a change!” – Elizabeth Wishe

“This is just a quintessential, gorgeous shot of a tropicallocale. Makes me want to be transported there immediately.” – Kitty Martin

Second Place


Contributor: sailshaboom

Title: “East Boothbay Harbor in the Winter”
sailshaboom’s Description:
“I spent a quiet winter in East Boothbay a number of years ago. This was the view from my porch.”

Judge’s Comments:
“I love the mood of this photo. The sepia tones impart the feeling of winter.” – Elaine Lembo


Third Place

Contributor: Carolyn
Title: “Sailing by Stromboli in Sicily”
Carolyn’s Description:
“This vacation in the Aeolian Islands was incredible. We watched Stromboli erupting from the boat.”

Judge’s Comments:
“This photograph seems mysterious, perhaps dangerous. The solitude of the sailboat makes it look like a classic, deserted-tropical-isle shot from the movies. It makes me wonder who took the picture and where the photographer was at the time. It’s as if the photographer was spying on the boat.” -Kitty Martin

“I found the contrast between the lava fields and the sailboat captivating.” -Elaine Lembo

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