Matt Rutherford Update

What does a sailor look like after more than 260 days at sea? Check out this (very) quick video of the solo sailor taken during his resupply off Recife, Brazil.

Here's a very short video of solo-sailor Matt Rutherford that was taken during his quick resupply off of Recife, Brazil. Currently, Matt is east of Grenada and is heading north, bound for the Chesapeake. If all goes well, he'll reach his home port of Annapolis, Maryland, sometime next month and become the first person to ever solo circumnavigate the Americas (and he's doing it in a donated Albin-Vega 27!). The reason for Matt's audacious journey is to rasie awareness and funds for a charity, Chesapeake Regional Accessible Boating (

Learn more about the journey at Matt's blog site: